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Vagabond Tattoo




1295 South Kihei Road Suite F 


From west Texas originally, I got started with tattoos at the young age of thirteen. Did my apprenticeship in San Marcos, Tx in the late nineties followed by opening my own studio immediately out of my apprenticeship. After seven years the building my studio was located in was sold and I went to push the pins in Austin, Tx as both a tattoo artist and a shop manager. After all of the time I spent in Austin the call of the islands was too strong to ignore and I began moving back and forth to Hawaii. Currently a permanent resident and one of the managing partners of Vagabond Tattoo in Kihei, HI. 

     I believe the experience of getting a tattoo is just as important as the quality of the work itself, and that each client should leave not only with a world class tattoo, but also with a memorable experience to add to their own story.

     I enjoy all of the different tattoo styles that I have had the privilege of doing over the last two decades or so; and especially enjoy fixing and covering old unwanted tattoo work. 

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 Floral & Feminine

High Detail Fine Line

Old School

Fixes and Coverups

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