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Vagabond Tattoo




1295 South Kihei Road Suite F 


Sarah Deramus - Born and raised in rural Georgia I felt the call of the wild early in life, travelling and adventuring extensively throughout the United States during my twenties. My entry to the tattoo industry came as a counter girl. This quickly segued to a piercing apprenticeship, and nearly ten years as a piercer, during which time I decided that I was to become a tattoo artist. Finding the right apprenticeship was challenging and took several years of frustration with many stops and starts. I  was lucky enough to finally complete my tattoo apprenticeship in Austin,TX in August of 2011. As a piercer I offer the full range of piercings, including dermal implants, with thirteen years experience. As a tattoo artist I have been working  for almost 6 years and really enjoy traditional old school tattoo work, as well as nice clean lettering. I serve as one of the managing partners of Vagabond Tattoo in Kihei Maui. 

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